Saturday, January 17, 2015

Why Networking


The "old way" of of successfully running a business required us to be friendly, reach out to others, communicate, have a product or service that fulfilled needs, wants and desires. The "new" way of doing business is known as "NETWORKING" networking really is not new to those who are adept at running profitable businesses. Many more new tools there are, but maintain the basics of good business practices. Use the old way of doing business combined the new tools to expand your networks, work the business right, enlarge the nets, capture more business, grow bigger yields and gain more return on investment. 


We invest our time, energy, space, matter, monies and property. We want return for it all? Most often we want to expand our investment. We too are trying to fulfill our needs, wants and desires. Remember everything always changes including our perspectives, positions and our circumstances. Our needs, wants and desires may change or need to change, be open to change because in life nothing is in stasis.


In our heart, feelings, mind, thoughts, customs and cultures we may tend to want to believe that current fads, traditions, habits, trends, behavior patterns are the most correct, effective, efficient and right way of doing things. We need to train ourselves, our mind, our spirit and soul to become accustomed to change, to perceive change and to make changes. Always weigh "new improvements" and new perspectives with our moral compass pressing hard against our heart, principles and actions should be on the level, square and true. Not all change is good or correct. 


If you want to be good at networking, start with yourself, be kind, polite, caring, and inspire others, be the person that draws others toward you. Be a leader, help others to reach their goals and be better at living. Start where you really are. See others where there are. If you are not ready to be a leader find one that you would like to follow. Find leaders, persons that you would like to follow,  create personal relationships, one on one, group type meetings. You can find mentors in media, books, video, online, youtube, seminars, training courses, speaker groups, religious meeting places, debate clubs, networking organizations, and gathering places.


Making change can be as hard or easy as A. B. C. D.  = ACT BE-COME DO 
Study mentors that you would like to emulate, through imitation and doing the things that good people do or do not do. You will always be you with your different strengths and weakness. It is almost impossible to change others, because it is others that make their own choices to change if at all. In ourselves we can change some things if we really have the need, want and desire to change. Be honest with yourself about who and what you want to be.
To thine own self be true! Changing behaviors helps us to let go of bad habits, bad behavior, mistakes, errors in judgement. We need to let go and
not repeat that which is wrong. Let go, and go.


How we treat others is communication and the message that we say about ourselves and how express who we are. How will people receive us?
You must have respect for yourself and others. Learn to like all people, look for the positive in each person, notice their words, actions and possessions,
be inquisitive, brave have courage to have in depth and insightful conversations. Appreciate others, show and express interest and concern. Like and care for people. We need to have a true Like Ability Factor about ourselves. Words and action is communication. 


Networking or being good at business requires up to keep with the times and the new tools of the trade. Technology has influenced the economy of doing business, the world seems smaller, it is easier and maybe required that our businesses  expanded into the global economy and to engage with world wide trading partners. 


Local and global, we need to decide how local or global we want our businesses to be, how or if we want to participate in a local or global economy, maybe somewhere in between. Be open to options, making decisions and weighing options. Decide where you want to do business, how small or big do you want your business to become and how it will influence what you do. The world is in constant change, we need to decide how we change, where we want to be and we change our course or direction.


We are beings in motion, life is our business. We are all in business from the new employee up to business owners and presidents of corporations. We all have to answers to our bosses that we trade with in the exchange of goods and services for money or other benefits of valuable. Business persons should be headed in positive directions in an upward and onward direction. We need to set realistic goals, plan our work, work our plan, plot our steps in obtainable increments, commit to positive processes and persist in doing and achieving our goals. Start fresh and start over everyday.


Networking works if we work at it and work with it, we all network. We are always networking. Networking is communicating, how and with whom we communicate relates to our sphere of influence be it small or large, good or bad. Knowledge in business is important, having genuine concern and care towards others is more important than knowledge, people are first concerned more about how much we care, more than how much we know, but knowledge sets us free to improve and grow if that knowledge is true and workable. Networking is about relationships. Expanding our relationships gives us opportunities to grow and improve individually and with others. Friendships can be business relationships. Growing relationships is Networking. Networking is personal growth.

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